White Sage Blessing with Grace and Gratitude

Saging with Adela Mei Smudging with white sage

White Sage Blessing with Grace and Gratitude

I’m showing you what I’d like to do when I receive my white sage. So this is a smudge stick, Californian White Sage, it’s a broad leafed white sage. I just received it today, and I’m going to bless it and thank it for coming into my home to work with me.

Very gently breathing in the aroma, already I can feel as I’m expressed gratitude just so quickly, so simply, I feel the energy and scent of the sage already it’s coming alive. Holding it in front of our hearts, and expressing gratitude: thank you, thank you, thank you.

Honouring the sacred. Honouring everything in the sacred hoop of life. Coming into good relations. Feeling the gratitude. And I like to take a nice few deep belly breaths. Breathing in the word ‘grace’ and on the out-breath releasing ‘gratitude’.

On the in-breath ‘grace’ deeply into the belly. And releasing ‘gratitude’.

White Sage Blessing, as a daily practise, you can take just a few minutes a day. Breathing in grace and breathing out gratitude. And what’s lovely when working with a smudge stick, it gives us, our mind, a focal point of attention to just take our attention into some ‘thing’. Setting an intention to relax.

Breathing in grace… and breathing out gratitude.

Breathing in grace… and breathing out gratitude.

And why I love to work with that small, simple meditation is to bring myself really into the feeling of grace and gratitude. I was watching a video with Adyashanti talking with Oprah, and he talks about how ultimately everything is about coming back into a state of grace. Returning to a state of grace.

Just checking in how I’m feeling now with that short focus, gentle meditation, breathing in grace, breathing out gratitude, welcoming the Spirit of Sage. Blessing the sage stick, before we work with it.

Thank you for watching my White Sage Blessing.


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