Spiritual Guidance to Help Navigate Our Lives

Spiritual Guidance to Help Navigate Our Lives with Adela Mei - Shamanic Healer

Spiritual Guidance to help navigate our lives

I offer one to one spiritual guidance, which people find very supportive in helping to navigate perhaps some challenging situations in their life by helping to understand the bigger context, perhaps planetary or galactic influences that may be playing out in our lives.

Sometimes we don’t recognise that we are being affect by external influences and once we can recognise that, it becomes easier to manage and understand our feelings, our emotions, and really help us be more balanced and grounded while we navigate potentially challenging situations.

The benefits of spiritual guidance

Please get in touch if you feel that you may benefit from some one to one spiritual support, or guidance, or counselling. What’s really useful sometimes is to understand things in a bigger planetary even galactic context, to give us a different perspective to what’s going on in our lives.

Many people find this hugely beneficial. Sometimes we think we’re just going mad, or it’s only us. No-one else sees what we see. Really just a what the flip is going on. And it’s a very supportive and nurturing way to take a deep breath and understand that everything in in divine and perfect order. We are ok just as we are. And there’s this stuff going on.

Please feel free to contact me if you’d like to book a free 15 minute sanity check as I can them. These check ins can be hugely supportive and beneficial when maybe we need some context for what’s going on, we’re having a wobble, something’s intense. We’re just not sure. And we need some reassurance and context to help us navigate what’s going on.

In those times my favourite mantra for myself is ‘this too shall pass’. It always does. But in the moment it’s not always easy to really embody that.

I’m Adela Mei and I look forward to connecting with you. Please sign up on my mailing list below if you’d like to check in with when my next workshops are due or what sessions I’m offering and just to keep in touch in that way, I would love to hear from you.

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