saging workshop

smudging with Sage

12pm – 2pm on Sunday 9th April 2023

Venue: Pilton, Somerset BA4 4DB

Sacred sage

Learn Smudging with White Sage on this workshop. Work with sacred smudge and learn how to connect with the Spirit of White Sage.

You’ll learn how to cleanse your energy field, which can hold unwanted energies. As you learn that we’re not separate from your environment, you’ll understand how to come into balance with the earth and all our relations. Join us in a sacred ceremony of blessing and cleansing.


venue details

Workshop: Smudging with the Spirit of Sage
Date: Sunday 9th April 2023
Time: 12pm to 2pm
Cost: £20

Location: Pilton, Somerset BA4 4DB


Smudging with white sage 

I offer plant spirit medicine workshops for those who love to work with sacred smudge and you’ll learn how to connect with the Spirit of Sacred Sage.

Spirit of sage

The Spirit of Sacred Sage – Learn the ancient art of smudging

Teaching people how to work with sage is one of my favourite workshops. In this workshop you will learn how to smudge and work with the spirit of sage… if working plant spirit medicine appeals to you… please do get in touch.

I remember my teacher saying ‘there’s a difference between smudging and just wafting a bit of burning sage around’. And she was absolutely right! 

part 1 connecting with the spirit of sage

You’ll learn the smudging ceremony, a sacred ritual for many tribal peoples for thousands of years, including the Native American.

A ritual of cleansing and purification, it can be used to cleanse energy fields. Smudging helps clear the aura and raise your vibration by releasing any unwanted energies.


  • connecting with the Spirit of Sage
  • pore breathing & ingesting sage
  • the smudging ceremony
  • smudging yourself
  • working with the auric field
  • sealing & smoothing the energy field


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part 2

Learn more about how to connect with the Spirit of Sacred Sage.

part 2 Space Clearing

Want to learn more? On future workshops you’ll learn how to cleanse objects, spaces & places. People, animals, rocks, plants and the home, all have an auric field which can hold unwanted energies.

As we learn that we are not separate from our environment, we understand how to come into balance with our environment and all our relations.


  • smudging crystals & tools to clear energies
  • smudging rooms
  • space clearing to release unwanted energies
  • smudging other people
  • other techniques for healing with sage
Saging with Adela Mei Smudging with white sage

venue details

Workshop: Smudging with the Spirit of Sage
Date: Part 2 TBC
Time: TBC
Cost: £20

Location: Pilton, Somerset BA4 4DB



Fun, formative, connecting (workshop) – authentic too! I feel very inspired to make it my daily practice. It’s simple, obvious and pure. I loved your energy Adela. xxx in love!


Attending Adela’s Spirit of Sage workshop was a wonderful experience. I had been familiar with the use of sage for some time but had never explored the herb in any depth. For the outset it was clear that Adela had a special relationship with sage, a reverence you could say.

The care with which she worked with the leaves and generously shared her knowledge and experience was a joy to be apart of. As was watching the billowing clouds of sage smoke as they danced their way across the lawn.

If you have ever thought about sage and it’s wonderful spirit then I can’t recommend this workshop enough.


I found the workshop to be peaceful, grounded, surrounded with love and acknowledge Adela as above. Thank you so very much.

Thank you for a great workshop Adela. I really liked having the chance to spend time with Sage again. The pace was great and I learned lots. I would like to do more work with sage.


Thank you Adela for today’s workshop. I felt really clear in body, mind and spirit afterwards and had a long nap. Can’t wait to get some sage.


Yes, I’ve had a really nice time. Adela is such a nice person 🙂 Would recommend.


It was a lovely calming experience and the sage aroma was very relaxing. I have got some smudging sage at home – which although not white Californian sage, I may now use! Thank you


Very interesting, relaxed and fun. Would be interested in learning more about sage and its uses.


I learned that it isn’t just about lighting the sage & moving it about but to connect to its spirit & ask permission to cleanse & heal.


Thank you – really enjoyed it and learned some new stuff to play with.



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