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Smudging with sage

Adela Mei Energy Healer

online workshop

Smudging with sage

6pm on Sundays

6pm GMT on The Last Sunday of The Month 

sacred sage

Learn Smudging with White Sage in this online workshop. Work with sacred smudge and learn how to connect with the Spirit of White Sage.

You’ll learn how to cleanse your energy field, which can hold unwanted energies. As you learn that we’re not separate from your environment, you’ll understand how to come into balance with the earth and all our relations. Join Saging with Adela Mei in a sacred ceremony of blessing and cleansing. 

Sage Blessing

We’ll offer a smudging blessing, a sacred ritual carried out by many tribal peoples for thousands of years, including the Native American.

In a ritual of cleansing and purification, we’ll cleanse our energy fields by smudging with white sage. We’ll clear our aura and raise our vibration by releasing any unwanted energies. You’ll soothe and seal your energy field, and feel calmer, more connected, and more protected.

How do i join Saging with adela mei?

  • Please Sign Up via the form below
  • Check your inbox for an email with the link to the zoom video call
  • Check your timezone! We’re in GMT 6pm or 18:00hrs
  • Find yourself somewhere you won’t be disturbed and turn off any distractions
  • Be ready a few minutes before the call with some sage or other smudge to hand (if you don’t have any, don’t worry)
  • Click on the zoom link and wait until we start! Please mute.
  • There’ll be time for questions.
  • Smudging Workshops are on the last Sunday of the month at 6pm GMT for an hour.
  • Workshops are offered on a donation basis. Thank you.



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Sign up to receive the – zoom link – that you’ll need to join us. These live online workshops are offered on a donation basis and you’ll receive a link to where you can donate either before or after you have joined us if you feel to. Aloha! – Adela Mei

Thank you Adela for todays workshop. Felt really clear in body, mind and spirit afterwards and had a long nap. Can't wait to get some sage.


Thank you— really enjoyed it and learned some new stuff to play with.

Golder, Human Potential Coach

Thank you for a great workshop Adela. I really liked having the chance to spend time with Sage again. The pace was great and I learned lots. I would like to do more work with sage!


Fun, formative, connecting (workshop) – authentic too! I feel very inspired to make it my daily practice. It’s simple, obvious and pure. I loved your energy Adela. xxx in love!

Wendy, UK

I found the workshop to be peaceful, grounded, surrounded with love and acknowledge Adela as above. Thank you so very much.
Janet, UK

It was a lovely calming experience and the sage aroma was very relaxing. I have got some smudging sage at home – which although not white Californian sage, I may now use! Thank you

Janice, UK

Any questions?

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