hawaiian temple healing

Healing with heart, hands and breath, healing sessions facilitate the great returning, supporting you to clear old energy patterns, and retune to the universal breath of life. Feel yourself again. Aloha!


From the lomilomi tradition, this ancient healing from the Paradise Islands of Hawaii helps to clear old energy patterns and blocks.

Bone washing

An ancient technique from the lomilomi tradition, bone washing is an act of grace. Returning to a state of grace.

Of a returning to a state of grace, almost like resetting time before time, before story, trauma, shock and illness, and harmful patterns such as grief, depression and pain.

Its aim is to restore our original energetic defaults to original, to our true nature as blissful, graceful, benevolent, and connected beings.

Absolute bliss!

Hawaiian temple healing is absolute bliss.

Using a set of ancient techniques from the Paradise Islands of Hawaii, it can help to clear old energy patterns and blocks, restore harmony and vitality, and retune you to the universal breath of life, the Aloha, bringing you back home to yourself.


Adela Mei Shamanic Healer Planetary Catalyst
What to expect

During this non-invasive, hands-on treatment, you’ll remain clothed. Expect a cross between a good massage and deep energy work, to help literally ‘turn you around’.

Hawaiian temple healing is wonderful for pain relief, general well-being, clearing, energizing and balancing. Feel yourself again.

Changes can occur immediately or take time to emerge, often revealing themselves in changes in behavior, thinking, feeling, responding and relating.

session cost

£60 for initial session

clinic location

Pilton, Somerset or distance.

Adela Mei Shamanic Healer Planetary Catalyst

“I highly recommend Adela’s skill as a healer and loving practitioner, the effects of just one session were deeply transformative and life changing” – Amanda

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