Healing with White Sage – Smudging for Personal Clearing

Healing with White Sage - Smudging for Personal Clearing

Healing with White Sage

Aloha, I’m Adela Mei, and today I’m going to show you how to work with Californian White Sage, for personal healing.

We’re just going to work with a small leaf of broad-leaved white sage. You’ll recognise it from Native American Indian traditions, and used in blessings, clearings, greetings.

We’re just going to light the sage, I like to use a candle. Gently allowing a little flame, and we want to leaf to be smouldering.

First connecting with the Spirit of Sage, welcoming it, blessing it, giving gratitude, giving thanks. Setting the intention that we’re going to work together for healing.

Remembering that Californian White Sage has wonderful properties of releasing unwanted, or discordant energies, from our surroundings and from our energy field, and it’s very good for drawing out denser energies from our energy field.

So we can start to work with this one leaf, with the smoke, setting the intention that you may want to release something from our energy field. And this is something for you to practise in your own time, gently using the smoke just above the physical body. In that physical energy level of the aura.

We can also use the hand to feel any different sensations, maybe something is lumpy, or sticky, or cold, or hot. On the body, feeling what sensations we may pick up, I’m just working on the top half of my body – you can do your whole body.

Clearing over the head. Following our intuition. We can use the hand to guide the smoke, over the body. We often feel tension here in front of my brow, often from the computer, and often from a lot of frequencies coming in that can really stimulate our pineal gland.

Practising, and trusting, and knowing that the smoke has these wonderful cleansing and healing properties that will draw out discordant energies from the energy field.

Remembering to take deep relaxing breaths, really coming from the heart and trusting our intuition. Oftentimes we can feel congestion around the throat chakra in front of the throat, allowing the sage smoke to release that, and cleanse that area. We can gently breathe in the smoke, if you have a lung condition or anything like that I’m not advising it.

Gently clearing, and being careful not to drop little burning pieces. We can reach the back of our head, the occipital gateway, the mouth of god, sometimes that really likes some cleansing, healing, clearing, giving your attention, and asking for clearing. Sometimes we can feel tension in that area at the back of the head.

As we carry on in our own time, being mindful that the smoke has its own pattern, its own flow, continuing to come into connection with the Spirit of Sage, this is when we’re working plant spirit medicine. Understanding that the sage has its own life force, its own direction, i’s own knowing, it’s own consciousness.

That feels better.

So with our intuition, feeling that for now that is complete. Giving thanks. Giving gratitude.

Then what I sometimes like to do is if I have some sage left is go and put it outside and let it carry on burning in the garden. Giving thanks to nature, to the nature spirits, and returning something back.

Feel free to practise this at home, please let me know how you get on.

I’m Adela Mei. Helping you feel yourself again.


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