Energy healing

for bikers in somerset

Energy healing

for bikers in Somerset

Restructure + rebalance + realign

terra mei - Energy Healing

An energy healing technique crafted from a combination of healing modalities including Kahi from the lomilomi tradition. 

Its aim is to return the body to a state of grace, almost like resetting time before time, before story, trauma, shock and illness, and harmful patterns such as grief, depression and pain.

Energy healing can release trauma, shock, and one of the great benefits is pain relief, and releasing trapped energy in the body.

Other benefits can be just a more grounded sense of yourself and feeling better, more energised and more connected.

Energy healing for bikers
What to expect

During this non-invasive, hands-on treatment, you’ll remain clothed. Expect a cross between a good massage and deep energy work, to help literally ‘turn you around’.

Energy healing is wonderful for pain relief, general well-being, clearing, energizing and balancing. Feel yourself again.

Changes can occur immediately or take time to emerge, often revealing themselves in changes in behaviour, thinking, feeling, responding and relating.

session cost

£60 for roughly 1 hour session.

clinic location

Pilton, Somerset.

Energy healing for bikers

My sleep quality and quantity has greatly improved and my general feeling of calm and absence of pain for much longer periods is amazing.”

– Jane, biker, somerset

Energy healing for bikers

“I would like to say thanks to Adela for her wonderful treatment of me and my many ailments accumulated over years of an adventurous life doing so many physically demanding sports.”

 I did not know what to expect and went in with an open mind and from the first treatment I could literally feel her energy acting on my damaged knee, which I’m currently awaiting a surgical procedure on. It was like someone was tugging at a thread attached to my knee and was pulling at it.

Her calm demeanour on its own is enough to improve one’s well being but I have to say the following day when walking across a shopping centre I was aware that for the first time, without having to make a serious conscious effort to do so, I was walking free of pain and without any limping rocking motion that I have become so accustomed to for quite some time.

My sleep quality and quantity had greatly improved and my general feeling of calm and absence of pain for much longer periods is amazing.

I shall aim to continue with her after my knee surgery and thereafter as required. I would thoroughly recommend her energy healing work and will be returning soon. Thanks Adela

Energy healing for bikers

energy healing

for bikers

Deciding If This Is Right For You

If you’ve never thought about having energy healing work before, now might be the time to give it a go. A lot of what we do on a massage table that may be a bit of a mystery to some of you is rebalancing, reconnecting, realigning work.

What You May Experience

What we do on the table is we run energy for your body, we help reconnect parts, relieve tension, release trauma and shock and stress in the body, provide some really much needed relief and just really fill you up with some strong clear aligned energy.

session cost

£60 for roughly 1 hour session.

Energy Healing for Bikers in Somerset

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