Energy Healing for Bikers in Somerset Part 6

Energy Healing for Bikers in Somerset​

Part 6

Hi, I’m Adela. I’m an energy healer and a newbie biker. This is another one of my biking clinic mini videos just to talk about some of the benefits of energy healing for bikers.

So I don’t know about you, I am still quite new to it, but my lower back does tend to suffer a little bit from my riding position, and I’ve noticed that my legs can get really tense, my lower back can tense up, and then my body posture is just really not very comfortable. So some of the benefits of energy healing is to just relax that part of the body, to relax the muscles, and to just allow some space in there so your lower back can just relax again, so you can stretch out and just you know, shift position and not be so cramped.

Especially if you ride a lot, if you adopt a certain posture, and your body can kind of get fixed in this posture, and it might need a little bit of persuading to just relax and open out.

So if that feels like something that you want to try, please drop into my biker clinic. You can email me on [email protected]. Give me a call on 07876 770693.

If you’re local to the area, and I cover the Somerset area, I can do home visits if you are literally incapacitated and can’t get to me, otherwise get to my clinic and Pilton which is near Glastonbury. 

Ride safe.

Bikers are welcome for healing here.

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