Energy Healing for Bikers in Somerset Part 5

Energy Healing for Bikers in Somerset​

Part 5

Hi, I’m Adela. I’m an energy healer and a newbie biker. This is part of a series of videos I’m doing as spring is coming and we’re getting on our bikes more. The weather’s getting warmer, and we’re starting to use those muscles maybe you haven’t been riding over the winter.

Something that can happen that I’ve experienced now I’m now officially a biker after many years of being a wannabe biker, is we act as like a ‘human shock absorber’ when we’re riding, like every lump and bump and okay, maybe you’ve got one of those big GS big beamer things, you know, with shock absorbers, well, I don’t have one of those.

I’m on a Yamaha YS 125. It’s white, I feel every bump, every lump, every everything.

So we forget sometimes that our body will just accumulate this stress, this friction from the road, and it’s almost like you’re coming back shaking.

So one of the huge benefits of energy healing is it can just discharge that from the body. It just allows any of that stored maybe pent up almost like friction, that gets stored in the body that can cause stiffness, it can cause aches and, you know, aches and clicks, and just make you feel a little bit tense in your body.

So that’s one great thing I notice when I’m treating bikers, is we just really discharge that unwanted energy from the body. So instead of maybe feeling this sort of residual shaking as if we’re, you know, a shock absorber, our body actually can calm and relax and release tension,.

Which ultimately means our body then feels safer, more relaxed, stronger, our core strength is then able to be built up again.

So get in touch if that sounds like something that would really support you, if maybe you’re riding a lot, maybe your body is shaking, maybe your hands are shaking, maybe you just need a really nice strong energy healing session.

If you imagine like a massage, but not so physical. We’re running a lot of energy through the body. Like I say discharging pent up energy just to help you restore your body: to rebalance, to realign, to restructure.

We start getting your nerve endings being able to talk to each other better. We help your body align as you’re lying on the table.

So maybe you’re lying on an angle because you’re used to being in a certain position on the bike. This helps your body relax back into a strong natural position.

So my name is Adela I’d love to treat you. Drop me an email [email protected] Drop me a phone call WhatsApp is great with me 07876 770693. I look forward to welcoming you to my biker clinic.

Ride safe.

Bikers are welcome for healing here.

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