Energy Healing for Bikers in Somerset Part 4

Energy Healing for Bikers in Somerset​

Part 4

Hello, Adela Mei here, newbie biker and energy healer.

Just a quick announcement that the biking clinic is now open. Bikers are welcome for energy healing.

If this is something that’s new to you, give you a few reasons why you might want to come and have an energy healing session.

You may have an old injury that’s never quite felt right, a twang or a pain or a tension. You might have some stuck energy or trauma or tension in the body somewhere that just needs moving.

You may feel wonky on one side, you may just feel you know, stiff or out of whack or out of balance in your body.

So, when I have bikers on the table, we work through the whole body, energy body, emotional body, mental body, physical body.

We clear through with very strong, clear, clean healing energy to just help you restructure, rebalance, realign to get your own energy moving in your body.

Spring is coming I don’t know about you, but I’m going to be getting on my bike more and more and more. So I’m really turning my attention to keeping my body strong and healthy. And energy healing will really help you get your body in alignment and ready to get back on the bike.

If you’re not too sure, drop me an email [email protected].

Check out a couple of testimonials below from bikers who are coming to see me regularly to just you know, soften that old niggling pain that they’ve had since that fall way back when, you know what I’m talking about, or just helping them you know, lie straighter, breathe straight and relax more.

Our bodies hold a lot of tension, especially when you’re riding a lot. So get in touch. I’ll be happy to treat you. My name is Adela.

Ride safe.

Bikers are welcome for healing here.

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