Energy Healing for Bikers in Somerset Part 3

Energy Healing for Bikers in Somerset​

Part 3

Alas, poor Yorick. I knew him Horatio. Probably and unto death, hasn’t it.

Meet my trusted friend, my best friend when I’m on the bike, my crash helmet.

Hi, my name is Adela Mei, and I’m an energy healer, and I’m a newbie biker. And something I’ve seen in my practice already is the amount of bikers coming through for energy healing.

So I wanted to do this quick video to explain some of the benefits. So maybe you’ve got an old injury, like a knee injury, hip injury, maybe you have weak wrists or, you know, strained ankles or you know, stiff neck.

Riding a bike from my own personal experience now can really take its toll on certain muscle groups in the body and we start moving differently and holding ourselves differently.

Now add to that any injuries for maybe a fall or tumble, and our body really can take a beating. So energy healing is great for rebalancing, for realigning, for restructuring, for really working through the whole body.

It can release trauma, shock, and just make you feel much better and much more connected. One of the great benefits is pain relief. But other things can just be a more grounded sense of yourself and just feeling better and more energised.

It can also just release trapped energy that can get kind of stuck in your joints in particular, so drop me an email, give me a call if you want to have a chat through how this can work for you.

Maybe this is all new to you, but the bikers that come to me, it’s not new to them. So please, bikers are welcome. My name is Adela Mei. You can drop me an email on [email protected] and give me a call on 07876 770693.

If you’re not too sure, again, there’s a couple of testimonials down on the website. Just have a look at the benefits bikers have got and I look forward to seeing you in my clinic and I look forward to seeing you back on your bike riding safe. All for now.

Ride safe.

Bikers are welcome here.

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