Serenity Prayer

Serenity Prayer

The Serenity PrayerGod grant me the serenityto accept the things I cannot changecourage to change the things I canand wisdom to know the...

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Adela Mei Shamanic Healer Planetary Catalyst

“It’s a wonderful feeling, and it feels like the body intelligence is now in resonance with good, positive and happy communication with itself, and spirit energy~* just wonderful to feel the re~connectivity!!”

I am so so very grateful for the wonderful deep and graceful Hawaiian inspired Healing Alignment session yesterday, it truly was a joy to experience, and since last night and into today, I have been feeling wonderful!!

Resting and stretching, as well as being active. It feels like something very deep has shifted from within, and energy is now moving a lot more free to move to where it needs to be, I have been working with the breathe and feeling the inspiration of the energy wishing to move, and express within” – Chris

Adela Mei Shamanic Healer Planetary Catalyst

“I highly recommend Adela’s skill as a healer and loving practitioner, the effects of just one session were deeply transformative and life changing” – Amanda

“Adela’s healing had us laughing like crazy throughout the whole session, the room seemed to be buzzing with energy. Afterwards I felt like a heaviness had been lifted off of me… it seems like she’s opened up something in me which has made me more receptive and intuitive to spirit” – Annet


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