Breakdown or Breakthrough? Spiritual Emergence

Breakdown or Breakthrough? Spiritual Emergence

It sometimes can feel like a breakdown or a meltdown but actually it is a hugely expansive experience to raise your consciousness, and start tuning into different levels of reality and dimensions and really becoming a multi-dimensional being, which is from my experience what we are here to be and to do.

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Energy Healing for Bikers in Somerset

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Thanks to Adela for her wonderful treatment. Her calm demeanour on its own is enough to improve one’s well being.



I felt like a heaviness had been lifted off of me… it seems like she’s opened up something in me which has made me more receptive and intuitive to spirit.



It feels like something very deep has shifted from within, and energy is now moving a lot more free to move to where it needs to be.


I highly recommend Adela’s skill as a healer and loving practitioner.



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