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Hi, I’m Adela Mei.

I’m a coach and energy healer. I’m just starting this YouTube Channel for people who maybe don’t have the funds at the moment to work with me in my private practice.

So I do offer coaching, I offer workshops, I offer energy healing. For those of you who maybe can’t get to me, or don’t have the budget at this time, I wanted to share some tips right now, to just help you.

Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed. There’s so much going on in the world. If you’re an empath, like me, we can be very sensitive to what’s going on on the planet, on the news, with our family, with our neighbours. It can be quite tricky to navigate. So I don’t want you to feel that you’re alone. And I don’t want you to feel that you’re drowning.

One of the key things in these times is to learn how to ride the waves. Just imagine you’re a surfer. Imagine you’re surfing these waves. You see, it’s not about trying to quell the storm. It’s not about trying to create this calm, smooth ocean. Life just isn’t like that. What we need to do is build some resilience, and some inner strength, and some inner understanding, that life is all about learning to ride the waves. Some of them are high, and some of them are low.

Another way of saying this is learning to go with the flow. Learning to go with the ebbs and the flow, the tides. Life isn’t flat, life isn’t monotone. Learning to ride these waves, learning to understand our own inner waves, our own ebbs and flows, will just help us be kinder to ourselves. We can’t all be in peak state all of the time.

We’re not all peak athletes. We have feelings, we have ups, we have downs. And sometimes when it’s down, when we’re feeling just so overwhelmed, those can be very dark and difficult times. I know, I’ve been there. People look at me and think, oh, it’s alright for you. You’ve got your website. You’ve got your YouTube channel.

Well, it was a hard slog to get here. I still have my ups and I still have my downs. What I’ve done is I’ve learned to ride them out and to understand when to go, when to stop, when to push, when to wait. And it’s all about learning to understand our own energy flow, and our connection to the planet and the bigger tides of life. The bigger energy flows that are going on.

So I’ll leave that there for now. But I just want to give you some grace, and some permission to just take it easy on yourselves at the moment. You may not be in this active outgoing peak state where you feel great and your mind is clear and you’re feeling positive and full of energy.

Maybe you’re actually just in a hibernating state where you need to really be kind to yourself, Wait, rest, reclaim your strength, reclaim your energy, plan and dream and then wait for the tides. Wait to learn to catch the tide. Now I’m not a physical surfer. I did try it once years ago. It’s not for me. I’m not a physical surfer, but I understand what it means to stand on that surfboard. And stay balanced. And learn to ride the waves of life so you don’t drown, so you don’t sink, so you don’t feel consumed and overwhelmed by the waves.

Learn to ride on the surface and understand that you’re going to bob up and down. And that’s okay.

If you’d like any private sessions with me, please contact me via the website. I’d be happy to help.

And what I really love to post is my connections with nature and some amateur photography. I love taking pictures of wildlife and flowers and nature around me. That’s one way I stay in a grounded, balanced state. Taking those little photographs really helps me stay peaceful and calm and connected with nature.

Or reach out. I do distance healing. I do physical healing. I’m based in Pilton in Somerset, it’s near Glastonbury or I do online workshops and can work remotely as well.

So please know that there is help out there. There is support out there.

I also have some other videos on working with Californian White Sage for smudging and clearing and balancing. So please check out the links to those videos as well.

This is all my free content, because I don’t want anyone to feel if they’re feeling overwhelmed and the moment can’t reach out properly I don’t want anyone to feel that there isn’t any help out there, because there is.

You are not alone. You are never alone. You are fully safe protected and supported in all ways. Always. OK. Aloha!

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