About Adela Mei

Shamanic Healer

Walking the path of the shamanic healer, I offer Hawaiian temple healing, past life regression, soul retrieval, etheric surgery, and spiritual guidance.

After quitting my corporate job to pursue my non-ordinary life, my journey took me to the Findhorn Community in Scotland, where I trained in astroshamanism, including workshop facilitation, trance dance, and ritual. I also volunteered in Cluny Garden, connecting with nature and experiencing the magic of Findhorn.

The next 7 years were lived in Avalon, land of Arthurian legend, where I was blessed to have a sacred healing space and traditional yurt surrounded by nature. I held sessions, taught workshops, and hosted visiting healers including Flower of Life, and The Seneca Wolf Clan.

My Story

the journey

I continued to train as a shamanic healer, discovering bliss with Hawaiian temple healing, and connecting with plant spirit medicine (the spirit of sage).

When not healing or teaching, or being a servant to one of my maine coons, I can be found walking out in the countryside.

If you are interested in booking a session with me, please get in touch using the contact form below, I’d love to hear from you.

Adela Mei Life Coach

"When I saw you I felt a (re)connection to Sirian light and a (re)integration of the scrab at the same time… it as perhaps a fairly old and even stellar soul retrieval… can’t imagine that would’ve happened in other circumstances so thank you"

Anna, Somerset UK

"It’s a wonderful feeling, and it feels like the body intelligence is now in resonance with good, positive and happy communication with itself, and spirit energy~* just wonderful to feel the re~connectivity!!"

Chris, Sussex UK

"Adela’s healing had us laughing like crazy throughout the whole session, the room seemed to be buzzing with energy. Afterwards I felt like a heaviness had been lifted off of me… it seems like she’s opened up something in me which has made me more receptive and intuitive to spirit"

Annet, Dahab

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