6 Ways to Clear Your Space

Saging with Adela Mei Smudging with white sage

6 Ways to Clear Your Space.

Now this might be your bedroom, this might be your office, or your living room. It could be anywhere you feel like, if could be your car. You might not want to do it at work in the office, as people might think you’re a little bit strange! So, let’s practise how to clear your space at home for now.

Number One – Ting tings

I call them ‘ting tings‘. You probably would have seen these little Tibetan chimes. So the idea of this is through noise, through sound, through vibration, clear the energy in the room. The idea is to raise the vibration, and clearing out maybe any stagnant energy. So we can ‘ting’ gently knocking the chimes together and you’d go around the room several times, clearing in the corners. And for those of you who are sensitive you may be able to feel these concentric circles of sound coming out, clearing the room, and harmonising. You don’t have to do them really hard, it’s not like banging them together – gently ‘ting ting’.

Number Two – Rattles

Now the second way I love to clear my room being a shamanic healer is using rattles. So, I have this beautiful rattle. It’s actually from Peru. It’s a gourd, filled with some sort of beans. Now you don’t need to have a special shamanic rattle, you can literally have a jar full of lentils, or a plastic tub full of beads, it doesn’t have to be a wonderful sacred object – of course it can be!

Now again this works on a similar principle of sound. The movement and the vibration raises the energy in the room, stirs up stagnant energy, those dark corners, under the sofa, in the cupboard, in the doorway, places in the room that you don’t normally got to.

And we’re just going to shake the rattle and you might feel you want to go down there [near the ground]. You might find your own rhythm with it, I won’t go too long or I’ll send myself into a trance, but… again it’s about moving the energy, raising the vibration, using sound and intention, and your intuition. Maybe you want to rattle under the table, under the chair, in the corner. Maybe you want to rattle above your head. So practise. Practise that, and see how it feels for you when you do that, to clear that energy and get it moving in your room.

Number Three – Room Spray

Now this blue bottle room spray – what’s in it? So generally when it’s nice and sunny I will put crystals outside in mineral water, and make a crystal elixir. That then forms the base of my room spray. And then into that I will put some essential oils – often something orangey, lavender, rosemary, sage. Make your own blend. So this is my own blend – this actually have nothing in it I’ve just described. This is my yummy blend of zingy ‘I need to be more awake and have more clarity’ because I need to go on the computer again and do some work. This has lavender, grapefruit, lime and jasmine. And I’ve just experimented and come up with that myself.

So, crystal elixir, or you can just use water, essential oils, and spray around the room. This one I like to spray over myself, over my head and my energy field, close your eyes! And again it’s about intention, so the essential oils are raising the vibration in the room, the intention is to clear for clarity. That just smells lovely as well.

Number Four – Saging

Next up my favourite way to clear your space – saging. So I will just take a small leaf of Californian White Sage. I wouldn’t use a whole smudge stick. Just one small leaf of sage. Lighting it. Giving gratitude. Using the smoke. Start by breathing in for me, blessing, and then clearing around my space. Remember to have your window open when you are clearing rooms, especially when you are smudging. When you’re clearing out, I invite the air spirits to come in and really take those energies out of the window.

Smudge also can go around the computer area to drop those EMFs out of the air and wherever you feel to, again I’m clearing me, clearing my home and my environment, in a state of gratitude, setting that intention. Gently stubbing out the smouldering leaf in a terracotta saucer when I have finished.

Number Five – Palo Santo

And another wonderful thing for clearing or smudging is palo santo. Not something so much I would use for a room, but for me personally I like to use it when I’m smudging with sage. Again, lighting it and waiting for that smoke, and for me the smell is so sweet, I love clearing around my head. Just clear out my mental field. And again gently smudging into the room, the smells is just… I love it and for people who don’t particularly like the smell of sage, then palo santo is a wonderful alternative.

Number Six – Clapping

And my last way to clear your space, maybe you don’t have a rattle, and you don’t have ting tings, and you don’t have a room spray, and you don’t have smudge or anything else. We have our hands and we also have our voice. But don’t worry I ‘m not going to sing for you. We have our hands and can use clapping. Literally just walking around the room, into those corners, clearing out that energy.

So I hope that’s been useful. Please try out any of those techniques to clear your space. We’ve got tings tings, we’ve got rattling, we’ve got room sprays, we’ve got smudging, and we’ve got clapping.

So drop me a message I’d love to hear how you get on, or if there’s anything else you need to know about how to clear your space.

My name is Adela Mei – doing everything I can to help you feel yourself again!


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