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Healing with heart hands and breath

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Healing with heart, hands and breath, healing sessions facilitate the great returning, supporting you to clear old energy patterns, and retune to the universal breath of life. Feel yourself again. Aloha!

Hawaiian temple healing

From the Lomilomi tradition, this ancient healing from the Paradise Islands of Hawaii helps to clear old energy patterns and blocks. 


A form of hands on healing, Reiki is a spiritually guided life force energy that flows through us bestowing improved wellbeing.

Shamanic healing

Shamanic healing restores balance and harmony to our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects using healing energy.

about me

Shamanic healer offering Hawaiian temple healing, past life regression, soul retrieval, etheric surgery, spiritual guidance, and plant spirit medicine workshops in the heart of Devon, UK and beyond….

I walk the path of the shamanic healer offering Hawaiian temple healing, Reiki, and shamanic healing. As a fully qualified and experienced practitioner, I also teach plant spirit medicine (the spirit of sage) and Usui Reiki.

After quitting my corporate job to pursue my non-ordinary life, my journey took me to the Findhorn Community in Scotland, where I trained in astroshamanism, including workshop facilitation, trance dance, and ritual.

I also volunteered in Cluny Garden, connecting with nature and experiencing the magic of Findhorn.

The next 7 years were lived in Avalon, land of Arthurian legend, where I was blessed to have a sacred healing space and traditional yurt surrounded by nature.

I held sessions, taught workshops, and hosted visiting healers including Flower of Life, and The Seneca Wolf Clan.

I continued to train as a shamanic healer, discovering bliss with Hawaiian temple healing, connecting with plant spirit medicine (the spirit of sage), and teaching Usui Reiki.

In 2019 I moved to Devon where I now live, in an area of outstanding natural beauty. When not healing or teaching, or being a servant to one of my maine coons, I can be found walking out in the countryside, or soaking up the sea air on the Devon coast.

Healing sessions are held in a safe and nurturing environment where you are empowered to support your own healing. Clinics are held in Axminster and Colwell Barton near Honiton, Devon. I also offer distance healing.

Please get in touch using the contact form below, I’d love to hear from you.

Adela Mei: Hawaiian temple healer, Usui Reiki master teacher, and shamanic healer


I offer plant spirit medicine workshops for those who love to work with sacred smudge and you’ll learn how to connect with the spirit of sage.. workshops are held in Axminster and Colwell Barton near Honiton, Devon.

kind words

Sharing some feedback from some of the beautiful people I've had the honour to journey with.. in deep gratitude.. thank you, thank you, thank you..

Adela's healing had us laughing like crazy throughout the whole session, the room seemed to be buzzing with energy. Afterwards I felt like a heaviness had been lifted off of me... it seems like she's opened up something in me which has made me more receptive and intuitive to spirit.


I highly recommend Adela's skill as a healer and loving practitioner, the effects of just one session were deeply transformative and life changing and I am so grateful xx


When I saw you I felt a (re)connection to Sirian light and a (re)integration of the scrab at the same time... it as perhaps a fairly old and even stellar soul retrieval... can't imagine that would've happened in other circumstances... so thank you.



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